On Cintorínska street, which many Bratislavans know thanks to the busy stop at Rajská next Kamenné square, stands the BACC (Bratislava city centre).

At first glance, this inconspicuous building has a surprisingly historic value. They built it in the 1930s and have undergone extensive reconstruction since then.

Showroom opening Bratislava - October 2016 Watch video

How Spaceplan has found home

After multiple moving, it was clear that we needed our own headquarters.

The problem was that despite the rich industrial history of Bratislava it was not easy to find a particular space because the Communists of many historic buildings at the time of their office simply pulled down or changed to unrecognizable.

However, we randomly stumbled upon building on the Cintorínska street, and space where the old printers used to reside. This meant high ceilings and spacious functional zone.

Scope and course of realization: pulling down, pulling down, pulling down

What we see today is not even at most daring guessing doesn´t look like what we saw when we started building works.

A big part of the whole volume of works made up demolition and later on came to turn the building of construction from 6 tons of metal.

Asi najtvrdším orieškom bolo odstraňovanie stropnej omietky, ktoré trvalo neuveriteľné štyri týždne. Tieto práce sme robili v noci a cez víkendy, ale sťažností na hluk veru nebolo málo...

Showroom that lives

We live in this creative, non-standard space that has a usable area of ​​more than 300 square meters.

We want showroom not to be like an expensive clothing store that is a symbol of exclusivity and limited traffic but to have as a lively and dynamic space open to people who are in contact within interior design, furniture and architecture.

We were thinking we'd hang up some vintage bike to the ceiling. Even though we are not that hipsters, but we have one thing in common - we have respect for what is old and good, and at the same time we like the current functional design.

That is why we created a timeless space where we preserved its original character and created a new place to live in it; we respect the old architecture and design, and we bring that contemporary and connecting „hard“ materials and colours with natural ones.



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