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Office of year winner: WebSupport

26. 3. 2020

Home Office: how to work from home with the same productivity and efficiency

25. 3. 2020

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Music can also help productivity and job satisfaction

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Nature is the key to increasing well-being and creativity in work spaces

15. 8. 2019

Building a space in harmony with nature, which promotes well-being and brings value, is essential for any company that wants to improve the performance

Tips for setting up a coworking space and making it work

8. 8. 2019

Renting a large space, giving it a lick of paint, sorting out Wi-Fi and installing chairs and tables is relatively simple. However, getting that space to work as a coworking space is not so easy.

Stunning, but sustainable design from DeVorm

1. 8. 2019

The latest trends, design and ecology are united in DeVorm. It produces furniture from PET bottles and their products can be found in the world's largest companies, one of which is Bosch.

Are you choosing colours? Take into account these things

26. 7. 2019

The psychology of colours is part of modern architecture, and to choose colours, you need to analyze the users' experiences and their impact in order to evoke the right emotions and inspiration.

Red Dot Award winning chair requires 45 days of work

18. 7. 2019

Legend is coming: Verner Panton

11. 7. 2019

Relax zones must be part of your office

1. 7. 2019

New trends in architecture will bring improvements for people and your business

19. 6. 2019

Learn how to set up your new offices to provide employee satisfaction and move your business further with new architectural trends.

4. 6. 2019

31. 5. 2019

19. 5. 2019

7. 5. 2019

7 reasons why to change the office furniture

17. 4. 2019

Why should we change office furniture if our office still looks good? Most recent findings will convince you.

Metalmobil becomes Et al.

10. 4. 2019

Metalmobil, after over 60 years of important goals, announces the new brand name to consolidate the process of evolution and business growth.

Czech phone booth got Red Dot Design Award

3. 4. 2019

Acoustic phone booths are the biggest trend in offices. SilentLab in the neighbouring Czech Republic today manufactures one of the best booths in the world.

3 tips how to choose a right carpet

15. 3. 2019

A carpet is a dominant accessory and therefore we made a carpet selection manual that will save you stress and money.

Free Spanish design for office and public spaces find in Forma 5

1. 3. 2019

Free thinking, courage to use colours and fantasy is ubiquitous in office furniture collections for offices and public spaces from Forma 5

Chair by Lapalma got prestigious Good design

22. 2. 2019

The Good Design Award is the world’s most prestigious and oldest design award. This year was awarded eclectic Seela from Lapalma

Devorm produces recycled furniture from PET bottles

15. 2. 2019

8. 2. 2019

29. 1. 2019

Cascando has the new hangers for your coats

8. 1. 2019

Orgatec´s news from Wilkhahn

20. 11. 2018

Wilkhahn has been focusing on activity and products that are multifunctional, and this time has brought innovations that improve interactions and health.

Sit on a cloud from True design

15. 11. 2018

Sho is a new from True Design with massive shapes that embrace you and you will be sitting like on a cloud.

Red dot award for acoustic panel from Poland

6. 11. 2018

Hush design, which is focuses exclusively on acoustic solutions, has won the Red dot award.

Benefits of high seating in the office

1. 11. 2018

At today's offices can´t miss a high seating, which hides the benefits that increase the efficiency of employees.

What did Orgatec 2018 bring?

30. 10. 2018

Orgatec this year was not only about design, but a transfer of contemporary culture and values into furniture.

Orgatec 18, user-centred showroom of innovation and well-being

23. 10. 2018

The next edition of Orgatec is just around the corner. An event where every two years thousands of professionals in the office furniture sector meet.

Design new of a month: Trim by Actiu

18. 10. 2018

Working chair Trim has recently come to market and already became popular amongst customers thanks to its excellent shaping and features that are in its basic design.

Case study: Roche

16. 10. 2018

Roche moved to the Panorama business centre and swap small divided offices for one floor of open spaces and separate function zones.

Senator series: 5 facts which change for opinion about office (5.part)

12. 10. 2018

The last part of our series is here and the last of the findings that will change the way you design your next office project. What does research say about calling and privacy?

Senator series: 5 facts which change for opinion about office (4.part)

21. 9. 2018

The penultimate part of our series which tracks the results of the research is dedicated to the work tables. Find out how much we need them and if will remain a firm part of a workplace.

Senator series: 5 facts which change for opinion about office (3.part)

14. 9. 2018

The second finding is closely connected to the previous and we need to consider it when we want to furnish or redesign an office.

Senator series: 5 facts which change for opinion about office (2.part)

7. 9. 2018

The second part of the series reveals the most important factor that differs us at work and what has to be considered in a new company or organization design.

Senator series: 5 facts which change for opinion about office (1.part)

31. 8. 2018

The 5-part series reveals the key findings of Senator research that change the view to a layout and help to understand how different people use office and what they need at work.

5 best co-working spaces in Bratislava

14. 8. 2018

If you are a freelancer or start-up and you are looking for a technologically and design-well-equipped place for networking and work, you should take a look at these co-working spaces.

Google coworking in Warsaw

7. 8. 2018

Google Coworking can be found also in Central Europe and is a trendsetter for corporate collaboration zones or coworking hubs.

Design of the month: Mozaik by Allermuir

2. 8. 2018

Mozaik from Allermuir is the exquisite modular system which in comparison to competitors doesn´t give rules for its configurations.

Interior which temp you to come back are here as well

31. 7. 2018

The food culture has been improving in recent years in Central and Eastern Europe. An example is the PURE Grand bistro in Sofia.

New of the month: Soave from Lacividiny

26. 7. 2018

Aesthetics is a matter of personal feeling and perception, but some things are simply beautiful. This is also the case of Soave's Lacividin news.

Actiu releases new for training and collaborative spaces

23. 7. 2018

Actiu´s first new of the year is here. Desking system Talent is highly mobile, versatile and possible to use in any working environment.

Acoustic table is a reality thanks to the Swedish Abstracta

20. 7. 2018

Abstracta is a Swedish acoustic panel and furniture specialist and in order to satisfy all customers has produced Jetty, acoustic table.

Furnish your offices with furniture from: Enea

16. 7. 2018

Pharmaceutical companies are known not only because of the most dynamic scientific research but also thanks to a high-quality work environment, as confirmed by Novartis.

AXYL: We wanted to redefine a seating on the international scene

13. 7. 2018

Six awards for design and innovation. This much has won Allermuir’s Axyl chair designed by Benjamin Hubert from his studio Layer.

Tecno an Norman Foster built chapel in Venice

9. 7. 2018

Tecno is one of Italy's most successful furniture companies and is known as a design factory, as confirmed by its new collaboration with Norman Foster.

Collection NOT might repeat Arca´s success

6. 7. 2018

True Design came up with a collection of Arca armchairs four years ago, which is the current bestseller and brand trademark. A new blockbuster might be the NOT collection.

Workplace well-being is more easily accessible than you think

2. 7. 2018

We know the space around us affects our performance. Well certificate covers a quality of air, water, or food, and gives people a better working environment, but at what price?

How was ACTIU´s 50th-anniversary celebration

27. 6. 2018

Actiu, one of our main partner celebrated their 50th anniversary and we couldn´t miss it.

Challenging the boundaries between art and furniture

26. 6. 2018

The iconic swivel easy chair that was first made as a work of art has now evolved into furniture in Offecct Lab.

Wilkhahn’s new Vienna showroom

20. 6. 2018

Wilkhahn, our main partner, who is the leader in a development and production of the world's best chairs, has just opened its new showroom in neighbouring Vienna.

Enliven a lounge, or co-working with the K2 collection from Kastel

18. 6. 2018

Modular pouffes systems are currently a very desirable part of co-working or lounges, and that's why come out this new from Kastel, K2.

News of the month: Waves from Lacividina

13. 6. 2018

The collections from Lacividina, the Italian specialist for timeless design, has a new growth. Waves is one large family of seats and poufs for all seating areas.

Prepared for a holidays? Try Sicily, which is buzzing this year

12. 6. 2018

Palermo is Capital of Culture 2018 and right in the basement of the Liberty building, where Natalia Ginzburg was born, you will find the Cento 61 Restaurant.

Office of the year finalist: Goldbeck

5. 6. 2018

Goldbeck is a turnkey construction professional which has decided to go according to its faith and it has paid off. See how it looks at their Slovak branch.

Artful Table Design: Even a table can surprise you

4. 6. 2018

Art is about breaking borders and overcoming limitations of fantasy. This is certainly reflected in the new design table by Segis, Artful.

What´s Clerkenwell design week in London?

25. 5. 2018

Clerkenwell Design Week is a three-day marathon in central London that gives a holistic view of what the world of design, art, trends is and where it goes.

If you were waiting for a perfect pouf, Metamobil has already prepared one

25. 5. 2018

Pillow is inspired by our need to recharge our batteries and rest during the course of the day and by observing the convivial social rituals.

How to maintain office furniture

18. 5. 2018

Although we cooperate with more than 60 furniture manufacturers, we have proven tips and tricks for keeping your furniture to stay as new.

A’ Design Award presented widest range of the best design

16. 5. 2018

A'Design Award is the competition with the broadest range of design which recognizes the latest innovations literally in all design areas since there was awarded 1962 project this year.

Excellence and functionality of a space have created Porsche and Actiu

11. 5. 2018

Actiu has furnished 4000 square meters for Porsche in Shanghai under the slogan to be perfect and exclusive but absolutely functional.

9 out of 10 recommends The Box sofa by Look industries

9. 5. 2018

Price, acoustic features, and designer affinity are the three challenges that architects are struggling with when choosing acoustic. Here's the solution.

Furnish your spaces with: Actiu

4. 5. 2018

Douglas´ blank, open space changed by architects to custom offices filled with light and colours.

New of the year: Office swivel chair AT from Wilkhahn

2. 5. 2018

Three years after breakout IN chair, Wilkhahn comes with AT, the office chair with updated Trimension® mechanics.

Furnishing the office: British American Tobacco

25. 4. 2018

Some companies are not afraid to step out of their shadow of large corporation identity like British American Tobacco. This obviously bears fruit.

Ping pong table or table football isn´t just for playing

23. 4. 2018

RS Barcelona has designed a pin pong table and table football that is only for having a fun, but can be easily turned into a meeting or lunch.

From world forum: Cultural efect on design, products and spaceplan

19. 4. 2018

If a company wants to or has to look like its foreign headquarters, it must consider different local culture, mentality and working habits and new changes could harm.

All we need is good table

16. 4. 2018

Imagine you are an architect and looking for the crucial but omissible thing for a lounge. Coffee table. You don´t need a heavy-duty working desk, but the thing to fit and gives accent to space.

How to design office for Millennials

11. 4. 2018

Not since the baby boomers has there been a generation that’s had so many people talking. The millennials, or Generation Y is just the beginning of a change that will soon be taken over by Generation Z.

Uncommon - really uncomon Co-Working Space

9. 4. 2018

The aim of this design co-working is to offer something new – workspaces where every detail has been fine-tuned to improve productivity while supporting wellbeing. But how does it work?

The keys to designing new work environments

4. 4. 2018

Workplace concept has changed since we began to think about work as activity, not a place. The latest trends show there will be coworking and meet specific users´needs.

TNK Flex from Actiu is awarded the German Design Award 2018

2. 4. 2018

The TNK Flex task chair has received one of the most prestigious awards in the design world, the German Design Award, which recognises the added value of this high-performance technological chair.

Installation of the Jaguar Land Rover in full swing

21. 3. 2018

The huge project of furniture supply for Jaguar Land Rover is in full swing. Spaceplan, as the exclusive representative of the Senator, assembles everything what client has chosen.

Design of March - work desk Let´s Work from Forma 5

19. 3. 2018

Besides simple work desks, nowadays the architects and customers are looking for something that is still simple, but aesthetically superior to the, just like the Spanish Forma 5.

Winner of Office of the year 2017

12. 3. 2018

A total of five awards were taken by three corporations. Among the winners who received the Office of the Year award in 2017 is a project where Spaceplan supplied most of the furniture.

Furnish your spaces with: Metalmobil

9. 3. 2018

Do you also love places where you feel they have been made for you? Equipped with the elegance of art deco and current trends, we present a new luxury bar Piky.

Senator and Hercuile Poirot

5. 3. 2018

How does the latest Senator showroom in central London look like?

Senator and Hercuile Poirot

5. 3. 2018

How does the latest Senator showroom in central London look like?

Lilliput: Little-big new by Italian Billiani

1. 3. 2018

Lilliput, Billiani´s new doesn´t owe anything to its producer. The hallmark of this Italian leader in seating furniture and accessories producer is apparent on their new coffee table.

Furnishing the office: Zutom

23. 2. 2018

IT companies are among those who set the pace of today's world in all directions. One of them is the Zutom company, to which we supplied the furniture.

Pinch from Lacividina nominated for the Compasso d'Oro Award

22. 2. 2018

LaCividina, Italian furniture brand becomes more and more popular on an international design scene. This time was appreciated their Pinch on the prestigious Compasso d'Oro.

Design new of month: Cuba from Metalmobil

15. 2. 2018

After the success of Nassau collection has Metalmobil chose Mark Sandler as the designer of their new chair and it paid off. We introduce you Cuba, new multifunctional chair.

Another national award for Actiu

14. 2. 2018

The effort to constantly improve shapes the work of Actiu, and the result is another award that its president take over from Spanish His and Her Majesty.

What have brought last year to Vesoi´s range

8. 2. 2018

Vesoi, the Italian lighting manufacturer, brought many novelties into its product lines last year. What Vesoi's designers and skilful glassmakers have made belong to the top.

Furnish your space with furniture from: Billiani

7. 2. 2018

Every brand has its own typical design style, and Billiani is great example. The Sumiao Restaurant needed colorful and shapely different furniture, which is Billiani´s design hallmark.

Winners of Iconic awards

31. 1. 2018

It’s not the first time Wilkhahn has triumphed at the Iconic Awards. Over the past few years, Wilkhahn´s products have repeatedly scored and this year wasn´t an exception.

Fashion office with urban appeal

30. 1. 2018

Home-like office of Danish fashion group chose a simple black and white setting creates a neutral backdrop for colourful fashion.

Brand´s bestseller: Kicca from Kastel

24. 1. 2018

Choosing best furniture pieces for an interior is always a challenge. That's why we chose best-seller of the Italian classic Kastel, a collection of versatile Kicca chairs suitable for every space.

Why do people work at my company?

22. 1. 2018

Today, we are witnessing a global paradigm change where work environment components are key. Find out what are the latest trends and strategies in your workplace development.

Elegant Scandinavian shelving system which attracts but does not disturb

17. 1. 2018

The modular shelving system Poise from Danish Engelbrechts defines spaces without becoming a focal point. What options are providing this versatile system?

Trends in office development in 2018

15. 1. 2018

An impact of the factors that work on a development of workplaces and shift in space plan in recent years has contributed to fact that year 2018 brings interesting trends in office development.

Puccio: Retro chair to office in modern design

9. 1. 2018

With the classic design of the milking chairs (yes), this time played Italian producer Billiani and created Puccio seating and table range, which belong to the spaces where design is not alien.

Office furnishing in Blumental for Adastra

8. 1. 2018

Newly built project Blumental gradually fils companies looking for a high standard. One of them is Adastra, the international consulting company.

Global IT player Cisco has a new offices in Bratislava

8. 12. 2017

Modern office Cisco, IT company permeate subdue and earthy colours, playful and elegant design.

Furniture new of month: Lloyd from IVM

6. 12. 2017

Executive furniture with retro design and simple lines is just coming to the market. It is called Lloyd and will find it in the offer of Italian design leader IVM.

Pros and cons of height adjustable tables

1. 12. 2017

The huge boom of height-adjustable tables is already in Slovakia. How to get maximum and use the potential of a height adjustable table?

Design scandinavian furniture of this year from Softline

23. 11. 2017

Let´s look at design furniture from Softline of this year. A typical Scandinavian design can be found on seats and chairs for collaborative, waiting and relax zones or open spaces.

Business trip: We visited Senator headquarters in England

21. 11. 2017

We visited the Senator's English headquarters. There didn´t miss showroom full of news, quality training, a friendly atmosphere and a lot of jokes.

Furniture new of the month: Icon od IVM

17. 11. 2017

The IVM new is exactly what characterizes the Italian design - if it is experimenting, then a result is something extraordinary and even beyond the limits of typically produced furniture.

Cool Working by Actiu won Red Dot Award 2017

10. 11. 2017

Red Dot, the most prestigious international design award, has recognised Actiu’s strategy in which furniture and the design become tools used to promote wellbeing and productivity.

Case study: Thuasne store

9. 11. 2017

The medical aids seller in Twin city A is a modern and pleasant place that appeals every customer.

Archiproducts Awards 2017: Two awards at home

2. 11. 2017

Architonic awarded prominent manufacturers gathered at their website on Archiproducts Awards again.

Traditionl Spanish design and food will find in Chilcano

2. 11. 2017

Aragon is one of the treasures of Spanish heritage. The main city of this area is Zaragoza and right here we will find the traditional newly opened Chilcano restaurant.

The Transformation of Education Through its Spaces

26. 10. 2017

Recent discoveries have revealed a fundamental impact of an environment on learning outcomes. What are the latest trends in furnishing and configuration of educational spaces?

Tobias Grau, master of light, in our portfolio

19. 10. 2017

What does make space perfect? It's details. That's why Tobias Grau, a manufacturer of luminaires, gets to our portfolio. Thanks to the technology development presents exceptional design.

The art in a mass production can be found in the new acoustic panels

17. 10. 2017

Italian company Caimi Brevetti, acoustic panel expert, in collaboration with the Italian icon Gill Dorfles, created a collection of artistic acoustic panels.

What will be the furniture of future like?

12. 10. 2017

Currently, there are smart cities, automation, ambient intelligence that are now a reality in many parts of the world. And furniture? Why isn´t technology already a fundamental part of it?

Equilibrium of new and old defines Giro from La Palma

10. 10. 2017

Wherever encounters two opposing directions in designing and thinking, you have to choose for one. Giro from La Palma thanks to the design, solves this dilemma brilliantly.

Biggest project of the year for Spaceplan

6. 10. 2017

Three floors in the newest business centre, Zuckermandel, are home to a world leader in consulting, audit and taxation. Spaces play a modern elegance with Spaceplan furniture.

Design new of month: Aula from Wilkhahnu

3. 10. 2017

When creating Aula the multipurpose chair, the designers and engineers took plastic as a material to a new aesthetic and functional level.

How to get Closer to the moon?

27. 9. 2017

Closer to the moon is a fascinating roof-top bar in the heart of Bucharest, which takes a breath by views and vibrant atmosphere.

Why we are not e-shop

24. 9. 2017

We have over 3000 thousand products, but we are not an e-shop. Why is it like that?

Office development in the last 70 years

19. 9. 2017

Sometimes we say that we would like to repeat the 60s, but would we also want to work in the offices of the past? Find out if you are also attracted to this idea.

Have fun, eat and relax with You and me bench

16. 9. 2017

You and me bench from RS Barcelona is new school seating, which belongs wherever people meet and enjoy.

8 outdated furniture, which don´t belong to a office anymore

11. 9. 2017

Office may be a place which represents a business or return you a few decades back. Read what you should definitely discard to definitely not have a retro office.

Design new of month: Amarcord by Luxy

10. 9. 2017

The Amarcord collection once again used the typical and well-functioning Luxy design weapons - quality, elegance, a mix of modern and classic shapes.

Case study: Astra Zeneca

6. 9. 2017

One of the latest realization Spaceplan covered completely, so we asked senior architect Milos Adam about the challenges and goals of the entire project.

True design makes real design: Wing table

5. 9. 2017

The new Wing table, specially designed for collaborative zones, coworking and shared workplaces, is a hit for both customers and jurors.

Designers who are changing world: Philippe Starck, Part 2

28. 8. 2017

The second part is again dedicated to life and work of Philippe Starck, who made more than 10,000 pieces that he creates during his 16-hour working time.

IML Solutions Offices: Industry doesn´t stand in way of design

28. 8. 2017

The offices of industrial companies can have highest quality and work for well-being of employees and immediately engage visitors´ attention.

When is time to change furniture?

21. 8. 2017

You don´t want to spend money, but you know it's time to replace furniture? Find out what are 5 reasons you should definitely change furniture

Hand-made Nomon watches has new breath-taking collection

21. 8. 2017

Beauty is made up of big and small things and together create whole. Be makers of environment where everything plays a role. Don´t forget about watch. Accurate, but timeless.

To series of Scandinavian furniture were added design news

14. 8. 2017

OFFECCT´s collaboration with world designers has brought three news in special edition OFEECCT Lab, which gives space especially to experimentation and courage in creation.

Spaceplan represents Senator group

14. 8. 2017

A long-awaited Anglo-Saxon company, Senator group, which many of us know as Alleirmuir, Senator and Torasen, has come to the broad portfolio.

New desk program Twist doesn´t belong to just all collaborative zones

7. 8. 2017

The new concept requires new tools and therefore Actiu has created new Twist desk program. You can use them in collaborative and co-working zones, meetings, or operative.

If you want to be top, invest like Actiu

2. 8. 2017

Research, development and innovation that Actiu has been investing for over 30 years has again brought them a prestigious award in Spain.

World offices with furniture Wilkhahn: ON

31. 7. 2017

Let´s look at offices and public spaces from all around the world, where you will find ON task chair with unique Trimension® technology developed by Wilkhahn.

How does timeless design look like in modern office?

24. 7. 2017

Get inspired by new premises of one of the strongest manufacturers on Slovak market - IDC Holding , that stunt by timeless design.

Billiani in Solunto - Bakery & Restautant, San Diego

24. 7. 2017

Everyone deserves a good meal after a good surfing. Except of enjoying your lunch in Sulunto, restaurant and bakery, will come across and the playful design of CO2chairs from Billiani.

10 tips how to furnish and built company´s office

17. 7. 2017

Are you about furnishing or rebuilding office? Find out, what you should know before you undertake company's project.

Open-plan office =effectivity, satisfaction and profit?

17. 7. 2017

We decided to broaden our horizons a bit and look at open offices in terms of their development, well-being and health of employees.

What will look like new premises of EY?

10. 7. 2017

We are always honored when client gives his trust and we help him to create his long-awaited better working environment. This time it´s a great world player - EY.

If you are looking for a seating for the entire office, it´s called Efit

10. 7. 2017

Furnish entire office with various chair that look great, are ergonomic and durable, sometimes it is not easiest task. For this purpose was created Efit.

This is us: How did our showroom arise and grow

3. 7. 2017

We needed to settle after several times of moving. For a year you can find us in the old printer's industrial premises.

Designers who are changing world: Philippe Starck, Part 1

3. 7. 2017

Philipe Starck is the first in series of designers and architects. From over 10,000 of his designs, we choose ones that most affected people' lives and design area.

In pastry shop we enjoy design not only cakes

27. 6. 2017

We can find thousands of recipes for making most desirable desserts in world. But what appeals to us pastry shop, apart from the sweet temptation, is design and atmosphere of place.

NEOCON Awards evaluated technological news

26. 6. 2017

You haven´t have to go to Chicago to see hottest news. Let´s look to complete results of NEOCON Awards, summary of best what came out from designers´ worshops.

One piece of furniture is enough to enhance company communication

20. 6. 2017

Office furniture today is not just a question of aesthetics, or taste. It must serve in a office as tool for work improving and right that is providing new design Actiu program.

Bird & Bird: Law firms offices can look more friendly

19. 6. 2017

Legal firms are known for their formality and representative look. International Bird & Bird chose opposite strategy and it´s worth it.

Modular sofa from Lacividina has incredible 57 modules

14. 6. 2017

Lacividina has once again introduced the ultra-stylish new, that by highest focusing on details and by original design, acts like solitaire. Please, meet Velor.

5 effective ways to stay active in the office

13. 6. 2017

Most common cause of incapacity work today are diseases of the skeleton, joints and muscles. Could it be avoided even if we sit all day? Here find couple advices how to be on the move and stay healthy.

OFFECCT has came with revolutionary showroom concept

8. 6. 2017

Traditional showrooms where visitors only look at furniture has played out its role. OFFECCT´s meeting arenas have different purpose - bring people closer to design in their daily life.

Newest Hub Hub coworking has already started its operation

6. 6. 2017

Newest coworking in Bratislava called Hub Hub can be found in block B within the preferred administrative Twin City complex nearby Mlynske Nivy station.

Scandinavian design chairs Kevi have gained new member

30. 5. 2017

The requirement to incorporate high-quality and design seating tp modern public spaces has opened the door to Engelbrechts to create news in the Kevi family - models 2060 and 2070.

How is possible turn showroom into gallery?

30. 5. 2017

All of us love surprises and Actiu had prepared such one - they had turned its showroom during Clerkenwell's design into unrecognizable.

Chairs plus armchair equals Kuad

24. 5. 2017

Italian manufacturer of chairs and soft seating Kastel, brings a new chair which captures the needs of public spaces to combine functionality of a chair, feeling of home, comfort and aesthetics.

Collection Nest by +Halle will find in our showroom

22. 5. 2017

+Halle: Design shouldn’t be put on a pedestal necessarily, but, this time, we thought the idea of celebrating real craft was worth lifting.

Kendo Good design

10. 5. 2017

Kendo, the new of last year, which is a modern and versatile solution for today's space, was awarded Good Design award in the Office furniture category.

Vicent Berbegal, European Entrepreneur of the Year

8. 5. 2017

Vicent Berbegal, president and founder of Actiu, has been awarded European Entrepreneur of the Year 2017 at the European Business Awards ceremony in Dubrovnik (Croatia)

In Red dot design award scored Metalmobil

25. 4. 2017

Popular Myra 653 by Metalmobil designed by Emilio Nanni won important design award appreciated by international jury.

Spaceplan created fresh office for First food

24. 4. 2017

First food is company focused on healthy, bio food and their import to West. Spaceplan created office for them which is representing their spirit and business.

Actiu for AstraZeneca in Barcelona

14. 4. 2017

AstraZeneca brought in a feeling of coziness to their offices and at the same time retains representative look. Let´s look at case study from Actiu and inspire creating your project.

New armchair Mousse from Chairs&more

11. 4. 2017

Spring has brought fresh new from Chairs & More - airmchair Mousse that carries a touch of Scandinavian design with modern Italian ideas.

Metrik and Occo from Wilkhahn in our showroom

10. 4. 2017

Meeting and multifunctional chair of highest quality with versatile usage Metrik and Occo newly came arrived in our shoroom!

International training in Wilkhahn

7. 4. 2017

We visited German Wilkhahn and found out how are produced the best chairs in the world in a town near Hanover with tradition of production of chairs lasting few centuries.

Visit of Actiu technology park in Spain

12. 3. 2017

We are definitely learning in partnership and it´s same in that one with Actiu. Because of that we decided to visit their headquarter in the Spain nearby sunny Alicante.

Showroom of Wilkhahn in their German headquarter

8. 3. 2017

Over a hundred years of development, innovation and vision, which became reality, under one roof. Take a look with us to their showroom at their German headquarters!

Gan rugs opens a year with fresh rug mix

13. 2. 2017

Get ready for original news from Spanish Gan rugs and welcome at your spaces this design and warming pieces, which give them new dimension.

World offices with furniture Wilkhahn: Graph

12. 2. 2017

The ultimate design of meeting chair is combined in connection of design, aesthetics and top quality, what represens Graph, which is a statement piece of each space.

First new of the year: Ring by Metalmobil

3. 2. 2017

Last three Metalmobil collections brought combination of functionality and design with a soft touch of the 70s and the first collection of this year Ring is its next continuation.

Use Me: Good Design and Red Dot Design Award

30. 1. 2017

UseMe is new from last year by SITLAND widely appreciated due to its usability and functionality. It haven´t waited long for success and in a half a year has won three awards.

Realization of Kuehne&Nagel project

20. 1. 2017

Kuehne & Nagel is a delivery company operates in 100 countries and after ten years changed their headquarters. After 9 months of working together have been completed their new space.

World offices with furniture Wilkhahn: Modus

18. 1. 2017

Are you picking chair in many versions a is in designs for internal and representative spaces? If yes, Modus is right choice.

Segis products in the spaces of big clients (installations)

17. 1. 2017

SEGIS is Italian leader in the field of seating furniture, creating versatile solutions for public spaces. See how the architects from around the world used them in their designs.

Visualizations: ED System

5. 1. 2017

We were preparing visualizations for ED system company to their new spaces. Let´s look what has designed our architects for this customer.

Pinch, that takes it all, has been received Iconic award

2. 1. 2017

Pinch belongs to last laCividina collections from last years and definitely to those most successful. Besides of Archiproducts design awards was been received Iconic Award 2017.

Video: How Spaceplan opened showroom

22. 12. 2016

If you've missed, we´ve presented our showroom in autumn and thus celebrate connection of ideas and work of people who help during years in taking care of customers.

Wilkans comes up with outstanding news

19. 12. 2016

Wilkhahn is extending its product range with two programs that instantly get everyone not only for its perfect design, but comfort and quality that guarantees the brand.

World offices with furniture Wilkhahn: Aline

18. 12. 2016

Versatile chair Aline is one of the strongest and most resistant chair on the market. Get inspired by the simplicity and perfect user design in the following realizations.

Archiproducts has given their first awards in ADA 2016

8. 12. 2016

Architonic is as an independent dealer of products,materials and concepts in architecture and design. This year also gave its first price to our suppliers.

io.T is pioneer for office, which is connecting people and technologies

4. 12. 2016

Io.T. A smart system of connected furnishings with the capacity for integration with IT systems designed to offer information and solutions to users.

cascando. Acoustic furniture that sticking out of the crowd

29. 11. 2016

Cascando presented at Orgatec stand with the concept calls "The Office is your playground" and fully corresponds with a solution that offers Cascando.

Easiest assembling and highest stability are combined in new working desk Clavis

25. 11. 2016

Tecno takes on the subject of flexibility, intended as the capability of changing, modifying and adapting to constant varied situations. With this in mind Clavis is born.

Metalmobil news: handwriting of comfort and Italian design

18. 11. 2016

Three novelties by Metabmobil offer different ways of using and by mutual complementing can create entire impression with guarantee.

Photo report: Novelties of Orgatec n.2

15. 11. 2016

Photo report from our trip to Orgatec continues in its second part. Let´s explore news of our suppliers and find out what new has brought this fair.

Three nominantions for Gan rugs products on BoY Awards

11. 11. 2016

It´s not over with giving out of design awards this year yet! Spanish Gan Rugs scores again at international events, and if it come out, it could take home three prestigious awards.

Photo report: Novelties of Orgatec

8. 11. 2016

Each second year during last week of October is in Cologne held largest Europe fair of office furniture and we haven´t missed there.

New from ENGELBRECHTS Poise is Orgatec surprise

4. 11. 2016

Denmark Engelbrechts star stands out exclusivity and instead of quantity stresses quality of the visibility. At this Orgatec surprisingly presented the novelty - shelving system Poise.

Orgatec welcomes Cool Working in the trade fair’s largest edition ever

29. 10. 2016

For the week of the 24th-29th October, Orgatec turned into the global epicentre for office furniture. The trade fair reached record as more than 55,000 people passed through.

Caimi Brevetti in shortlist for Design Europa Awards

25. 10. 2016

Caimi Brevetti is amongst the 8 finalists of DesignEuropa Award, organized by the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).

What has been brought Santa Claus From Lacividina?

21. 10. 2016

To enjoy in SPACEPLAN we don´t need big things. It´s enough to have increase in our showoromu in the form of new furniture and at our place is early boxing day.

World offices with furniture Wilkhahn: Neos

18. 10. 2016

We are introducing a global offices in the new photo series, where you will find the possibility of using products of brand Wilkhahn, pioneer of innovations and development of office furniture.

New from Vesoi Hob combines functionality of lamp and shelve

11. 10. 2016

New lamp from Vesoi Hob is the personification of multifunctionality. Literally combines light and shelves that create an attractive composition.

News from Crassevig: versatile Aura and minimalist Maki

8. 10. 2016

News of Crassevig have been born in the same spirit of its journey, which continues since 1969. What has been prepared by this (non) classical Italian furniture producer?

Metalmobil celebrated their 60th anniversary with enchanting new.

4. 10. 2016

What kind of birthday present has Metalmobil choosed for their 60th anniversary?

SPACELAN has opened showroom of office furniture

1. 10. 2016

After several years of removals we finally have a permanent office and showroom in the former printers located in the very center of Bratislava so we were celebrating!

Gan rugs has brought amazing novelties on the begining of autumn

25. 9. 2016

Perex Gan Rugs brought this year several new products and is still continue in designing of amazing and affordable carpet. Here you can find many fresh news.

We have visited ACTIU showroom in London

22. 9. 2016

Let´s look at beautiful showroom of ACTIU in London! Here are displaying many smart and current solutions for comfortable, healthy and efficient offices.

Blau tree lamp from Gandia Blasco conquers the world of design

15. 9. 2016

While we were on summer holiday, Blau tree lamp from Gandia Blasco has won prestigious awards in research and design area at few local and international events.

World premiere ACTIU office furniture in our showroom.

11. 9. 2016

In September, Spanish manufacturer of office furniture ACTIU brought on the market two news, which had its world premier in Bratislava, in SPACEPLAN.

Modern London architecture - most beautiful buldings of Europe n.3.

8. 9. 2016

The last part of series of London architecture is here! You will find with the unique places from various parts of London and this time we haven´t avoided historically significant buildings. Enjoy!

We have very first piece of Longo silent box by Actiu!

4. 9. 2016

The very first pieces of furniture made by Actiu can be also found in our showroom in Bratislava! Today we present one of them - acoustic box Longo.

Spaceplan opens showroom

1. 9. 2016

After moving, adjusting and tightening of details, we are ready to present our new showroom to the public!

Modern London architecture - most beautiful buldings of Europe n.2.

29. 8. 2016

Next part of our serial about London architectural treasures is coming! Let´s look to next breathtaking place, which is worth to visit

Danish furniture company Engelbrechts is an example that less is more

25. 8. 2016

Engelbrechts, Danish furniture company has an unusual product marketing that doesn´t have most companies in the industry. The secret is small, but high-quality portfolio.

Interior of Unlimit recruitment: Companies should take example

22. 8. 2016

To be an architect in Slovakia, who is giving new look to administrative spaces is sometimes quite demanding.

A Center for Majestic Experiences Rises in the Middle of Montana

18. 8. 2016

A new art center in Montana, Tippet Rise, is pushing the recent resurgence of interest land art forward.

Are you looking for comfortable office chair? You found. TNK 500.

15. 8. 2016

It offers a wide range of functions, but its main weapon is comfort. TNK 500, office chair, which won the prestigious Red Dot Award and satisfy those demanding.

Spaceplan is assembling in these days in Serbia

11. 8. 2016

It is an honor to have clients who choose you wherever they go and can rely on you. This way has chose us again our client Pikaro, which needed to furnish their new offices in Serbia.

Why is building so fast in Asia?

8. 8. 2016

The speed of building in Asia is overwhelming, but who does might think that Korean managers chooses the path of drugs to support the pace of construction?

Design meeting table to manager offices with futuristic design Kono.

1. 8. 2016

Conic meeting table Kono hides in various possibilities of use, but has one common characteristic. Extraordinary design.

Career:Architect and 3D generalist vacancy! Join in!

29. 7. 2016

Architect and 3D generealist (visualisator) here! We are looking for new reinforcement to Spaceplan! Ich you are junior architect, or 3D generalist, this offer is meant for you!

Solving All the Wrong Problems

25. 7. 2016

Strong message of actual topic - inovations, that makes our lives better, is discussed in article of Allison Arieff. Is it true, that our life is better thanks to all hacks?

Modern London architecture - most beautiful buldings of Europe n.1.

22. 7. 2016

One week ago our member team came back from the trip to London and its aim was to discover architectural treasures and visit our suppliers. Let's look with us to beautiful buildings!

Beautiful outdoor furniture Gandia Blasco and more.

18. 7. 2016

After 75 years, Spanish bullfighter Gandia Blasco is coming with the news in its range, which is the first of this kind.

What is not talking about at work.

15. 7. 2016

It´s important as physical health and effects our work. Those best have held conference about it, although is used to be overlooked.

This time Actiu has been brought Neocon award. When there is product, there is award.

11. 7. 2016

Each of their new product was awarded with most prestigious award in the area of office furniture. Longo is no exception. Actiu is thanks to its creativity one of the best things about Spain.

Construction industry has reacted to post-Brexit aftermath precautionary steps.

8. 7. 2016

British architecture firms Make and Sheppard Robson are laying off staff, as Brexit starts to impact on the construction industry.

Headquarter of fashion chain Shasa overflows with young gamesomeness.

4. 7. 2016

Youthful energy has transferred to the Mexican headquarters of fashion chain Shasa. Modern architecture embodies company fashion, that focuses on girl and female clientele.

Chairs&more welcomed sunny days with new chair Moyo .

1. 7. 2016

Chairs&more haven´t forgoten for furniture for this summer days a bought Moyo, which with its soft shapes fits to each café, restaurant, or garden.

Pharrell Williams spoke about design and his attitudes at Miami Design.

29. 6. 2016

Pharrell Williams is known for his originality and uniqueness as a singer and producent, but did you know that he´s designing furniture, clothing, and published book?

Spaceplan has new logo.

25. 6. 2016

After few years are changing our logo to better, more beautiful and more modern.

Main and most important world interior fairs

22. 6. 2016

Where to go, if you are looking for trends and inspiration on one place? On the expo! In the report, we are bringing 11 most important events, that will bring you fresh breeze and meet all your design desires.

Bucharest has its bookshop star – it is Carturesti store

18. 6. 2016

What would you say to a bookstore on six floors in a historic building of former bank? This will find in the Romanian bookstores chain Carturesti in the Bucharest Old Town.

Gan rug has been given red design dot - Red dot award

15. 6. 2016

Hand-made, unique and quality. It is rugs and puffs from spanish Gan rugs. For its nicety has been given Red dot award this year.

Starring: TNK Flex

11. 6. 2016

Do you need more than chair? TNK Flex is made right for you! What can you find in the new 3D chair from Actiu?

We were at Clerkenwell design week in London

8. 6. 2016

At the end of the May, we attended Clerkenwell design week, which has held seventh time.

Carpet trends of 2016

4. 6. 2016

Be up-to-date and find out what´s current carpet trends of this year.

Milan central Alcatel-Lucent proudly represents corporate identity

1. 6. 2016

25 years resided Alcatel-Lucent in 9 buildings that technologically didn´t meet demands and needs of the company. How has changed its spaces to modern and interative place?

The usual concept, unusual design - Blog table from Cascando

1. 6. 2016

Dutch company Cascando presented desk Blog table, which is union of functional design and at the same stands out from the crowd.

Very fresh, sparkling and glamorous, like entire brand Gandia Blasco

29. 5. 2016

Let´s look to New York, where Gandia Blasco celebrated anniversary. In the centre was joy of life, success of beautiful thoughts and cooperation with people, whose walk on mutual creative journey.

We have assambled stylish stores GAASTRA

25. 5. 2016

Dutch GAASTRA is closely tied with sailing on the sea, and although Slovakia isn´t attractive seaside destination, our team has assembled stores GAASTRA in few shopping centres.

American city of design - Detroit

22. 5. 2016

Detroit in more than pose of urban style, that´s why it´s announced like only American city of design. Life there is though, but it gives place to artists, whose improve status quo.

World's 30 Best Buildings Compete for RIBA Award

18. 5. 2016

The world’s 30 best new buildings have been listed by the Royal Institute of British Architects as it launches its first global architecture award.

Furniture news of 2016 by laCividina

15. 5. 2016

This year is very fruitful for laCividina. At the Milan´s expo presented its news and who would have said, that there will be so much of them!

More or seating places in meeting room? No problem for Logon

13. 5. 2016

If you need to reorganize your meeting room and also get more seating place literally flexible table Logon from Wilkhahn is the best solution for you.

We have new client - Kuehne+Nagel

10. 5. 2016

To the portfolio of our clients will be added new international peak in the industry. Now has chose us Kuehne & Nagel, which provides high quality logistics services.

Why is the culture hottest topic in business today

5. 5. 2016

In this article from Forbes we will open probably the most popular topic of successful companies. This is a topic of corporate culture. Why does culture play so an important role?

Offices of Inmunotech are expression of area of their business

3. 5. 2016

Inmunotek develops, produces and sells products for diagnosis and treatment allergies and immune problems. There offices are pure and professional like their work.

Billiani product has been given significant award

3. 5. 2016

Fratina chair and armchair, designed by Emilio Nanni for the Italian brand Billiani, was awarded with the Red Dot, the international distinction for high design quality.

New offices of Viktis in Milton House

22. 4. 2016

Viktis company active in the field of gastronomy needed to furnish its new spaces in the stylish Milton House on Šoltésova street. Let´s look, what had chose this young company.

Result costs a lot of work. Actiu shows us how much

21. 4. 2016

In the video by ACTIU "Showroom - where inspiration comes together", are assembling separate furniture and become the result of designer´s idea. Let´s look, how it's doing!

Female Architects Speak Out About Gender Differences in New York Times Article

20. 4. 2016

Gender inequality in the architecture profession has continued to be a cause for concern, with a recent survey from AIA showing that women feel that no progress has been made.

Madrid town hall - place of old architecture and new ideas

19. 4. 2016

Cibeles is citizen centre located in the third most important cultural and museum space in the city. Unique monument today serves citizens and culture.

Furniture news of 2016

18. 4. 2016

We get back to what we as a customers expect and look forward. Italian company Kastel and Luxy have prepared several news this year.

You can´t choose lighting? Try Italian Vesoi

13. 4. 2016

Vesoi (acronym of blown glass for lighting) starts in the early eighties by a family glass-making tradition.

Color trend of 2016

12. 4. 2016

Do you have an idea or feeling about the color for 2016 or in general about the interior color trends for next year? Look at the contemporary trend!

Cetelem BNP Paribans and their new interior

11. 4. 2016

New office of Cetelem BPN Paribans is functionalist solution, which chose client. Dominant feature is really huge open office. Take a look at spaces of this bank.

True design for La Scala

4. 4. 2016

What does please more, if you work for legend? Look at the honor, which is given to our supplier!

Interactive P/L - peak technologies, peak design

31. 3. 2016

Interactive P/L, is Australia’s largest privately owned multi service IT provider. Their services include data storage facilities, IT hardware maintenance, Cloud and Managed IT services.

Gandia Blasco never goes old

29. 3. 2016

Watch the inspirational short movie about company with 75 years long history, which products attract sight on the such places like beaches, or swimming pools.

White story - furnishing of AXA, insurance company

24. 3. 2016

Currently, clients often choose white furniture, that is related to trends form Scandinavian countries, who coined the purity and simplicity. Look at the result!

Our environment is a factor influencing happiness. And the environment is designable

21. 3. 2016

Juan Carlos Baumgartner is one of Mexico’s main architects and a ferocious believe in the idea that work places are a lot more than just tables and chairs.

New generation of laminate and how to avoid formaldehyd

17. 3. 2016

New technologies are changing office furniture. It is not just about the design, but also about laminate, which offers new possibilities.

Gandia Blasco, sun and water

14. 3. 2016

More than 75 years mainly manufactures furniture for outdoor spaces. Gandia Blasco has a very pleasant task - to ensure the comfort of a high standard where we relax.

Showroom of Kastel

10. 3. 2016

Our customers like Italian Kastel. Brand carries elements of elegance, expressiveness and originality...their showroom will present it closer.

Visualisations for Global Brokers

8. 3. 2016

In the current tender for Global Brokers client chose the kind of facility that corresponds to the area in which it operates. The interior is in the spirit of clean lines, but distinctive design.

Quality chair has mane IN

29. 2. 2016

In Spaceplane in duty to try chairs, which we sell. One of the absolute favorites is the German chair IN Wilkhahnu. Why? It's very simple.

We have new client - Cetelem BNP Paribans

25. 2. 2016

Soon we expect installation of Cetelem offices in the Twin City. We competed since December, and the result of the competition was clear at the beginning of February.

The new production of Verga Vini is playing the tones of airy elegance

18. 2. 2016

Verga Vini company was founded in 1895 and after four generations, this family-owned company still holds a tradition of producing the exclusive wines.

Small change in the design makes big difference

16. 2. 2016

Crassevig is an excellent example of how minimalism with a different shapes might create impressive results.

COOL WORKING: The balance to achieve labour well being

15. 2. 2016

According to the “Three eights theory” it is convenient to organise our day dedicating eight hours to rest, eight hours to work and eight hours to leisure.

Case study Actavis

11. 2. 2016

Pharmacists Actavis needed to change their space and along with it came change of furniture. We completely supplied it and the result will find in the article.

Case study: Cofely

27. 1. 2016

Cofely in Slovakia is a leader in the area of energetics and also complex building managment. It is leader in providing energy services.

Chairs and sofas that last, are beautiful and never weary = La Cividina

24. 11. 2015

Range of products that company offers is remarkable. What it offers is something timeless, its products can be described as a view from above to the world of design and use.

We finished PwC Slovakia. It puts on pure lines and white surfaces

24. 11. 2015

New offices of PwC in Twin City are done. Impression, which finished interior generates is a sense of purity, airiness and harmony.

Modular system to office, coworking spaces or waiting areas

16. 11. 2015

Office furniture that not only looks good, it creates a sense of home. The idea is to create an environment, where we do not have to go leave office to disconnect and relax.

Visualizations are guide to successful result

30. 10. 2015

Visualizations are one of the key elements in dealing with customers. It is important that we could imagine how it will look like space in which we will live.

Series: Acoustic panels Caimi for each space, 2.part

22. 10. 2015

After first part of acoustic panels is coming second part. Next one will be about materials which make up panels. Let´s look at used materials in the panels in the article.

Heigh adjustable desk Mobility is answer to dynamic workplace

15. 10. 2015

Mobility is height adjustable tables from Actiu. Trend in workplace height is expanding and Actiu reacting to that with single desk program with special convenience.

12 Color Meanings — And How To Use Them

12. 10. 2015

Whether you want to add energy to a dull room or calm a hectic one, this guide will help you pick the color that suits you best.

How does your space look in studio visualization?

16. 6. 2015

We create a space that is through good space plan and properly selected furniture maximum usable, looks pleasant and for user provides right conditions.

Offices of world

15. 5. 2015

With openness to new opportunities and connectivity of markets are also changing our working environment.

ACTIU has completely furnished Tempe. Result worth it

5. 3. 2015

Tempe designs, manufactures and distributes footwear and accessories for all the Inditex Group chain. It produces Zara, Pull&Bear, Bershka, Stradivarius, Oysho an many more.

What does drive ACTIU?

24. 2. 2015

It is not possible to describe the feeling when you have a reliable and inspiring partner. No doubt, that is the case of ACTIU, which always offers added value.

Graphic precision: The new conference line from Wilkhahn

19. 2. 2015

Wilkhahn has always focused on stamina and endurance and Graph, a series of conference furniture is an important part of this tradition.

Series: Acoustic panels Caimi for each space, 1.part

4. 2. 2015

In this short series we will talk about a cleverly-designed acoustic panels Caimi. Indeed,they are appropriate to all spaces such as offices, stores, halls, restaurants, foyers etc.

5 Workplace wellness trends of 2015

29. 1. 2015

Not only an individual approach and flexible corporate culture helps companies attract and retain top talent.

German Wilkhahn fixed star in our offer

27. 1. 2015

Corporate motto: "See things in perspective. Be careful. Ask, "are phrases by company has guided and today belongs to a leading German manufacturer.

Hilarious story of two people from ACTIU reflects the attractiveness of their furniture

13. 1. 2015

Can love begins at furniture? Sure, it can. Creation still begins with love. ACTIU came with hilarious story of two people that is captured in video.

Centers of shared services and office market

17. 12. 2014

Acronym CZS indicates centers of shared services. Coupled with car factories CZS are major employers of large numbers of people who work in various sectors.

Advantages and disadvantages of new buildings by the architect

17. 12. 2014

New buildings are growing up all around us. The indisputable advantage of the new building is just a "novelty", where it is not necessary reconstruct old buildings prosily and laboriously.

Acoustic panels Mitesco from Caimi are combination of utility and design

17. 12. 2014

Having a discussion in great café, studying in library, or having a phone call in lobby and around you is the noise? These problems in interior are solved by acoustic panels.

Clock Delmori from Nomon as part of any interior

17. 12. 2014

In today's busy world, time is the most precious commodity. With an elegant clock Delmori from Nomo you will certainly not be late

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