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Ultimátne prevedenie rokovacej stoličky sa snúbi v spojení dizajnu, estetiky a najvyššej kvality, čo predstavuje Graph, , ktorá je statement piece každého priestoru.

12. 2. 2017

The choice of premium-design conference chairs has remained virtually unchanged for decades, so Graph is a welcome newcomer.

Because the graphical quality of its cuttingedge shape stands out at first glance. And it’s this feature that the chair owes its name to. Graph's distinctive design also offers superlative comfort – despite its slender shape.

Graph is the epitome of superb design for conference rooms. Its name already indicates the multi-award-winning graphic-like aesthetic which has created new benchmarks in its field. Because the characteristic form is not just reflected in the chairs, but also in the table layouts.

The results are immediately impressive spaces that project seamless, high-quality design. The chairs look transparent, but very appealing nevertheless. Straight edges and fluid lines, flat and curved surfaces, soft and hard features intermingle so that seat body and frame merge into one. 


Ernst & Young, Warsaw


Fidelis, London


Global technology company based in London



Premium Food Supplier, Brisbane


Wendel investissement, Paris


Ahrens Grabenhorst Architekten, Hanover


Bokoko, Japan

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